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Eel Monitoring Project

Teams of Nore Vision volunteers have worked with Dr Rob Cruikshanks, Inland Fisheries Ireland on an eel monitoring programme over the past two years. 

Rob has worked for over 12 years on the National Eel Monitoring Programme and more recently has also been a contributor on the organisation’s Scientific Eel Fishery Programme.

Three to four sites between Thomastown and Inistioge are checked twice per week in the summer months for the presence of elvers (young eels).  These elvers have made it across the Atlantic Ocean from their birth place in the Sargasso Sea and are travelling up the Nore and its tributaries. The data collected over the summer months informs the next stage of monitoring programme by the scientists.  Rob has kindly hosted a workshop for National Heritage Week in Inistioge over the last two years and enthralled everyone with the fascinating and mysterious life cycle of the eel. Stay in touch for details of this years monitoring and workshop.

People exploring the River Nore
Signs of eels on the River Nore